Well Rehab and Repair

The production (flow or performance) of water wells is often likely to decrease with time and age due to casing deterioration and plugging; this is more common is wells that are not drilled correctly in the first place. However, a deteriorated well does not mean you should just get a new well drilled; spare yourself the expense of a whole new well, because well rehabilitation (also known as restoration) can be enough to get your well’s performance back to excellent, too. It is suggested that if your well’s performance goes around 25% down, it is time to get well rehab service done.

The following symptoms need to be looked out for it be sure that your well needs the service:

  • Decreased pumping rate
  • Decreased water level
  • Decreased specific capacity
  • Increased sand or sediment content in the water (cloudiness)
  • Decreased total well depth

Dick Joyce Well Drilling offers proper and complete well repair services including water well repair and well water pump repair. We will either physically clean the well using a brush attached to a drilling rig, high pressure jetting, hydrofracturing, and well surging, or use a chemical solution (strong acids) to dissolve the incrusting inside of the well, as biological and chemical incrustation are known to be popular major causes of decreased performance or well failure.

The advantages of water well rehabilitation are that it will help improve the quality of your well’s water and also increase well yield without costing you an arm and a leg.

We are licensed, bonded and insured and all of our work is guaranteed. Our goal is to provide high quality well rehab services and products at reasonable prices in Florida. With our years of expertise, experience and relevant knowledge about wells repair and rehab, we know exactly where to find you good quality water and we will repair your water well so that you can be relaxed about the supply and quality of your water for years to come without having to worry about deterioration and damage. We are licensed for well rehab and repair and all other well related services in Florida.

At Dick Joyce Well Drilling, all wells are repaired by our team of professional well drillers that only employ the most efficient and modern technology available, providing superior drilling and utmost reliability to all individuals/families that are in need of a water well repair service in Sanford, Florida.

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