Well Inspections

If you own a home with a water well system or are going to buy one, a well inspection should be performed. The professionals at Dick Joyce Well Drilling can perform a water safety test and pump flow test for the existing well, and can also inspect the operation of the water well and its components. We will provide a detailed report with well description, condition and functionality of well, along with a quote for repairs if needed.

What exactly is a well inspection, though?

Well inspection is a thorough evaluation of your entire well system. We starts with the operation of the submersible pump and water recharging into the well and continue by evaluating all of the parts through to the pressure tank.

The major parts that need to be evaluated include:

  • The well (hole) and casing
  • Grout
  • Well cap
  • Submersible Pump or Jet Pump
  • Electrical Wire
  • Arrestors
  • Check valves
  • Pitless Adapter
  • Flexible pipe and rigid piping
  • Connectors/fittings
  • Control Box
  • Switches
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Capacitors
  • Pressure Tank

There are many other parts that need to be tested, that deliver water to the faucet, shower, kitchen and laundry. Having no water at any of these spots is a sign of serious well system failure, hence, you must look out for this sign.

In order to properly inspect your well, we must check the age of the well, the depth and initial yield. This provides baseline information to contrast to current findings, since water wells change over time, with both undetected changes in water quality and well yield. Our professionals can detect well water problems by:

  • Measuring the volume of well water pumped
  • The rate at which the submersible pump or jet pump works

We test the pump performance over a length of time, to determine if all components and fittings work optimally. We focus so much on the well pump as the well pump cost is one of the most common and high-cost routine repairs.

We also measure the time intervals and pressure points at which time the pressure tank is signaling the submersible pump to deliver more water, and when the well pump stops producing water as signaled. The performance of the pressure tank can impact the life of the well pump, and vice versa. Frequently, the wear and tear of one will reduce the life of the other. Again, and without an inspection, this too will not normally be detected by the homeowner, hence you must make it a point to get your well inspected professionally every year or so.

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