Well Abandonments and Plugging

Are you moving to another place and no longer need the water well? Or maybe you don’t use it anymore and would like to abandon it properly? Contact Dick Joyce Well Drilling today, and take advantage of our well plugging and abandonment services.

A water well that is no longer in use can be dangerous if it is not plugged and abandoned. On the one hand, pets and children are at risk around the well. On the other hand, the well can contaminate the water of the aquifer. Wells are drilled on the aquifer, and if the aquifer gets contaminated, the water of all the wells will be contaminated, and that could be harmful to everyone who uses water from the wells. That is why the state of Florida has laid down some rules regarding incomplete and out of use wells. Any well that is not in use should be adequately filled, plugged, and then abandoned. And if your well is free-flowing, then you should get it plugged and abandoned quickly because as soon as it goes out of use, it will be wasting gallons of water every day. Only a licensed water well contractor can plug and abandon your water well. The contractor has to notify the district 24 hours before the plugging process.

Dick Joyce Well Drilling is a licensed water well contractor in Florida and has successfully drilled and plugged many water wells for their commercial and residential clients. Once you contact us, we will inspect the well to make an abandonment plan. We will notify the district and then schedule a date and time for permanent well abandonment. The process of permanent well abandonment can be completed in a day. But the time required to plug and abandon a well depends on the depth and size of that well. Our professionals will come up with an abandonment plan for you that won’t require too much time and will get the work done correctly and effectively. The process of well abandonment starts with removing the down hole equipment. After removing the existing tools, the debris in the wellbore is cleaned to prepare it for plugging. Plugging is often done by using residential cement. Once plugging is done, your well is ready to be abandoned. So contact Dick Joyce Well Drilling today for the best well abandonment services in Florida.

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