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Water Well Drilling Machine

A drilling rig is a machine used to drill holes in the Earth’s surface to extract water, gas or petroleum. They can be big enough to drill water wells, oil wells, or can be small enough to be operated manually by just an individual. There are many reasons to purchase a drilling rig. You either might be entering the business or are simply looking to extend your fleet with technologically advanced machinery. For the former, it’s more appropriate to go for a used one whereas, for the latter, going for a new one seems like a more plausible idea.

To help you with your decision making, we are listing the pros and cons of both sides of the coin – buying a used water well drilling machine or buying new water well drilling machine.

The following are the advantages of buying a used water well drilling machine:

Better Option if Your Funds are Limited:

The most obvious reason why most businesses would be inclined towards a used water drilling machine is the cost factor. Used equipment is cost-effective as compared to a new shiny one. However, what should be kept in mind is that quality should not be sacrificed or else the purchase of the machine would go in vain after a few months. The best solution to this is to consult an expert when choosing a machine. This way, you would be aware of as to what you’re letting go of and at what cost.



It’s fairly important we all play our part in making the Earth livable for as long as possible by making its resources sustainable. For that, we must take baby steps. Buying a used water well drilling machine will give you the satisfaction of not harming the environment too much. Machines, when discarded, end up at landfills. Also, manufacturing a new machine takes into account all sorts of processes which might be detrimental for the environment.



Better After Sales Service:

Since purchasing a used machine is relatively risky when compared to buying a new machine, the sales people are much more cooperative. They are more inclined towards providing you after sales service so that the machine works its best for a longer time. Additionally, with the global market expanding for used machinery, sellers stock up on a wide range of models and brands. Some of the sellers are well trusted online and so are much more convenient and accessible. With greater competition in the market, some of them even provide a year-long warranty, which means you can get all your post-purchase repairs done without incurring any extra cost.



Used machines are always in stock:

which means you can save all the time you might otherwise be wasting on waiting for a brand new water well drilling machine. This way you can get on with your work much quicker than expected.


Moving forward, let’s talk about the advantages of going for a new water well drilling machine instead of purchasing a used one. The following are the reasons why you might want to rethink your decision of buying used machinery:

Better Technology Means Better Functionality:

New machines are often better technologically as well as in terms of functionality. Buying a new machine might come with the advantage of efficiency and productivity of workforce. This will mean the employees will be able to complete a task in less time as compared to when using an old machine. Having a productive workforce will give you an edge over your competitors.


Keep The Safety of your workers in mind:

It is imperative to take into account the safety of your employees when deciding which machine to purchase. Old or rather used machines come with greater safety risks as compared to new machinery. It is better to spend more money today than putting one of your laborers’ life in jeopardy in the long run.



Lowered Repair Cost:

As mentioned above, new machines are better when talked about functionality. As of that, they are less likely to require repairs. This will not just save time and result in undisturbed work but will also mean lower cost associated with the machine.


Better Equipment Translates Into a Better Company:

If you’re operating in a highly competitive industry, the company’s reputation has to be maintained. Buying a new machine will showcase to your customers that the company will not accept anything less than the best  and that it is much more open to the latest innovative technology available out there in the market.  It will mean that your company likes to stay updated.

Clearly there are multiple advantages associated with both of the two options available to you. It’s all about weighing your options and making the decision based on your needs and circumstances. The most significant factor, in my opinion, attached with the decision is undoubtedly that of Finances. If you’re facing financing constraints it would be better for you to go for used machinery than a new one, but if your funds are not limited, then by all means you should opt for the best tech available out there.

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