Water Softeners

Hard water is dangerous and here is why: it contains high levels of calcium and magnesium which can be pretty harmful. These elements’ negative effects on our health include cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure to growth retardation and reproductive failure. And that is why hard water is not considered safe for drinking. Its side effects, however, are not only limited to health, but they also affect the plumbing and lead to poor soap and detergent performance. Hard water creates limescale deposits in pipes, and consequently hot boilers have to run longer to heat the water in winter. This causes an increase in the water heating by a considerable amount. Soap and detergent have to make more foam to clean the calcium ions in the hard water. That leads to the use of more soap and detergent for less effect.

To combat the side effects of hard water, it is softened with the help of water softeners. Water softeners make water safe for consumption by removing calcium and magnesium from it. Dick Joyce Well Drilling offers softener installation services to the people of Florida. We provide installation services for both semi-automatic and automatic water softeners. Whether you need a water softener for residential use or commercial use, don’t hesitate to contact us. We know how bad those white stains look on your pots or the film of detergent that you spot on your clothes after taking them out of the washing machine. Our water softeners will alleviate all the problems that are caused by hard water by removing its hardness. So if you want to prolong the life of your plumbing and don’t want to waste your soaps and detergents then contact Dick Joyce Well Drilling today and let our water treatment experts give you the best technical advice and supervise the water softener installation process at your property.

Water softeners are pretty useful, and that is why it can be quite stressful when they stop working. Sometimes that happens because of a little malfunctioning, and the softener can be fixed instead of replacing the whole thing. Dick Joyce Well Drilling provide water softener repair too, and we will gladly fix your water softener for you.

No more residue at the bottom of the boiled water, no more clogged pipes. Get a water softener installed by Dick Joyce Well Drilling and save your time and money that would have been spent on fixing the damages caused by hard water.

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