Spa Pumps Installation & Service

On a long Monday morning, the thought of a spa can really excite oneself for the weekend. But with spas comes a hefty charge and the having the luxury of time, either of which is pretty difficult to spare during this time of the year. Don’t worry, we at Joyce have the perfect solution for you! If you cannot visit the spa nearby, why not bring it home?

Spa Pumps are not just durable (they can last up to 8 years and more) but also come with a reasonable price tag. So wait no more, it’s time to put your big tub to a use and install a spa pump in it for the ultimate experience, that too in the comfort of your own home.

Dick and Joyce Well Drilling will install you a spa pump in a few important steps. One of the most essential things to be careful about is the power as water and electricity, when combined can be fatal so we always make sure to shut all the power off beforehand. We strictly believe that It is better to be safe than sorry.

Once the power is disconnected, we locate the water supply and outlet connections to know what we’re working with. We also make sure the outlets are free of dirt. Then, we attach the pump and connect the power and bam! It’s done. The next step is our favorite and most exciting step, testing the pump! We monitor any leakages and the strength of power being provided and correct any disruptions and there.

Not only will a spa pump give you the advantage of enjoying a spa experience in the comfort of your very own bathroom, it will also free you from the hefty charges that spas normally cost you for a few relaxing minutes. Moreover, since it will be your own bathroom, you will have full knowledge about the quality of the water and full control over its quantity and temperature. Even better, you can create your own comfortable environment and ambiance with your favorite scented candles and whatever else you may want to include in your spa hour. Lastly, the spa may not be open whenever you feel like relaxing, but when you have a spa a home, you will not have to worry about the opening and closing hours of the neighborhood spa! Once you have your own spa pump, it’s time to grab your laptop for the Netflix and chill or just fetch the current book you’re reading and experience heaven on earth and enjoy!

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