Pool Pumps Installation & Service

Planning to combat the heat of Florida’s summer with a pool in your house? Want to enjoy cold drinks by the pool with your family? But you can’t have a pool without a pool pump that will keep your pool water clean and filtered. A pool pump draws your pool’s water, clean it, and then release it back into the pool. If you want to get a functioning pool in your house, contact Dick Joyce Well Drilling today. We offer the best pool pump installation services in Florida.

A pool in the house is a fun place to hang out in the summer. It relieves the agitation caused by the heat and also serves as a cool activity for your kids. A pool is also a good attraction for your night-time party. But a pool needs proper maintenance because:

  • Water needs to be cleaned regularly, or the debris will accumulate in the pool, and it won’t be safe for use anymore.
  • Chemicals need to be mixed in the pool water regularly to control the growth of algae and to keep insects away from the water.
  • Regular maintenance ensures the continuous working of equipment and even if a piece of equipment fails, it will be detected sooner rather than later and can be replaced in time.

Dick Joyce Well Drilling not only offers pool pump installation services but also has the best pool equipment. The professionals at Dick Joyce Well Drilling have years of experience with pool pumps including their installation and maintenance services. Dick Joyce Well Drilling installs pumps that give you full control of the filtering process. Pool pumps can increase your energy consumption considerably.

Thanks to our pools and their remote control option, you can decide how frequently your pool will be cleaned. If debris accumulation is a huge problem in your area, you can set a timer to schedule short cleaning cycles plenty of times a day. That way your debris will be taken care of, and this won’t consume a lot of energy.

Florida’s law requires your pool pump to be energy-efficient. Dick Joyce Well Drilling understands the importance of conserving energy. All our pool pumps are energy-efficient and serve to save the energy cost and are also useful for the environment. If a problem arises after the installation, you can get in touch with us anytime, and we will happily resolve your issue.

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