How Much Does it Cost to Drill a Well in Florida and How Deep Should it Be?

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You may have heard people saying water is the force of life many times but which water exactly are they talking about when they say that? The fresh and pure water of the streams and wells or the chemical-laden city water? Being filled with chemicals is not the only negative thing about the city water, it also costs a lot more than fresh water, and the prices keep increasing each year. The city water has become a burden on your pocket. In such a situation, a water well sounds like the perfect solution.

How Much Does it Cost to Drill a Well in Florida?      

The exact cost of drilling a well depends on the soil and the depth of the well. If the ground is rocky or it has sand, then drilling will require more time and cost more money. The same is true for depth of the well. A well can be as deep as a 1000 feet in Florida, but most wells have a depth of 100 to 400 feet. The more the depth of a well, the more its cost.

Another factor that the cost depends on is the drilling company you choose to drill a well for you. Although you can find plenty of companies that offer cheap drilling rates they often have faulty equipment. A well not drilled efficiently will cause you problems in the future. Don’t just let anyone with drilling equipment make a hole in your backyard. Spend the extra dollars and hire a reputable drilling company to drill a well for you. The well can last a lifetime, and you won’t have to spend more money on it.

The cost of drilling a 100 feet well and installing of the casing and the well cap will be $2,000 to $3,000. Underground piping, well pump (used to bring the water to the surface), and pressurized storage tanks will cost around $2,000 to $5,000. So a 100 feet well in Florida can cost you $5,000 in total.

How Deep Should The Well Be?   

The average depth of wells varies from area to area. In Florida’s coastal regions, wells should be very deep to avoid saltwater intrusion. The depth of the well will also depend on the purpose of the well. If a well is needed only for drinking water, then a well with the depth of only 60 feet will be enough. However, if the water from the well will be used for multiple purposes, then the well needs to be at least a 100 foot deep. In any case, the well should not be shallow otherwise it could dry in the drought season. The well should be deep so it can last a long time and you don’t have to spend money on getting a well drilled again and again.

One last thing to remember when getting a well drilled is that a permit is required to drill a well in Florida and the company you hire to do the drilling should have the permit. Now that you have the essential information, you are all set to get a well drilled in your house and enjoy the fresh and pure water of Florida. If you are wondering why you should drill a well to begin with, following are a few advantages that might convince you enough to get one drilled:

Why Drill a Water Well?      

Here are a few advantages of a water well:

  • Saves Money:

A water well will save all the money you have been wasting on the city water filled with chemicals. You will have to get the well drilled, but that is a one-time cost. Moreover, the maintenance of the well is easy and inexpensive. Your budget will sigh in relief when you save all that money you have been wasting on city water.

  • Fresh Water:

Just like fresh vegetables taste way better than the store bought ones, clean and fresh water is better than tap water. However, fresh water does not only taste better, but it is also good for your health. Fresh water will keep your organs healthy and your skin fresh.

  • Continuous Supply:

A water well offers you a constant supply of water. In cases of emergencies when tap water is not available for a few hours, a well will come to your aid. The water of the well will be available to you 24/7, and you can permanently say goodbye to the city water.

  • Takes Care of All of Your Water Needs:

Whether you need water for cooking, drinking, or for washing, the fresh water of the well can be used for anything. You won’t have to filter it before drinking and cooking.

  • Irrigation:

You can also use the water from the well for irrigation. Plants watered with fresh water produce the best vegetables!

Drilling a Well in Florida:

The Floridian Aquifer is known to be one of the most productive aquifers in the world which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to drill a well if you live in Florida. However, before you get a well drilled in your backyard, you must learn a few things about drilling wells in Florida.

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