Geothermal Wells & Systems

Geothermal well systems are the future. The energy efficient and environment-friendly features of geothermal wells make them the perfect choice for residential and commercial heating and cooling systems. They save a tremendous amount of energy as compared to the standard heating and cooling system. There is a sufficient amount of energy in the Earth’s deeper layers. We just have to dig deep enough. This renewable source of energy is not only beneficial but also free of the adverse effects of the energy we produce on earth using different materials.

If the energy bills have started to feel like a burden, why not spend a fixed amount of money once to get a geothermal well? Heating and cooling system run on a geothermal well will be relatively easy on your pocket. Dick Joyce Well Drilling offers geothermal well drilling services for commercial as well as residential users. We also drill geothermal wells on agricultural lands. Dick Joyce Well Drilling has the permit to drill geothermal wells and can offer this service to everyone in Sanford, Florida.

Along with our geothermal well drilling services, we also offer repair services. The professionals at Dick Joyce Well Drilling have been working with geothermal wells for a long time and can detect a problem in the well fairly quickly. A geothermal well can keep the heating and cooling system of your house running efficiently, which is why a fault in it can prove to be quite troublesome. Our experts understand your discomfort and will try to fix your repair in as little time as possible.

Have no use of your geothermal well anymore? No worries. Dick Joyce Well Drilling offers geothermal well plugging and abandonment services too. Since geothermal wells’ depths is greater than conventional water pumps, the filling and plugging process can be a bit more complicated. But Dick Joyce Well Drilling’s experts have plenty of experience in the field, and they can handle the job effectively. Once we take up your project, we also take your worries from you.
So whether you need to warm or cool your house or your office building, want a geothermal well fixed or abandoned, contact Dick Joyce Well Drilling today. Our technicians will offer you different geothermal well systems as options to choose from, select the one that suits your need and let Dick Joyce Well Drilling do the rest.

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