Water Fountain Pumps Installation & Service

Are you looking to add the oomph your garden has been missing or just need to replace the old rusty fountain? Get a new water fountain pump and bring back the life in your garden.

If you’re afraid it might break down, let us tell you, most fountain pumps come with at least a year’s warranty and can safely be operated around the clock so drop the worries and have bonfire or just star gazing all night long!

With good comes the bad, but not for fountain pumps! They’re pleasant to look at and amazing at work. Not only are they low maintenance but surprisingly, the pump is silent so all you will hear is the beautiful, relaxing sound of water which will help you unwind from the stresses of work.

These pumps are ideal to cool you off from the humidity of Florida. Time to explore your options this summer and host the best parties your neighborhood has seen! Our experts at Dick and Joyce will install your fountain pump in the following steps:

  • We will measure the height and width of your fountain’s reservoir and make note of the overall shape of the container to reflect places where the container is more or less narrow and shallow.
  • We will measure how much water your fountain’s reservoir holds by referring to the manufacturer’s specifications, calculating the volume based on its dimensions or by filling it with a known quantity of water.
  • We will select a submersible water fountain that holds sufficient power to circulate at least one half of the total volume of water through the fountain one time each hour. Refer to the pump manufacturer’s specifications with respect to the number of gallons per hour (gph) the pump circulates.
  • We will estimate the maximum height to which you want the water to reach. It will be based on the spot the water needs to reach within a sculpture before it tumbles out or the height you want to achieve for a spray-type display.
  • We will reject any fountain and pump combination where the water does not fully cover the pump at all times. We take into account that a certain amount of water will be unavailable to do the job of covering the pump because that water is in the air while the pump is in operation.
  • We will position the pump with the water outlet facing upward on a level surface within the fountain basin.
  • We will then choose tubing that matches the diameter of the pump’s water outlet and secure the tubing to the pump.
  • We will place the pump far enough down in the center of the basin so that the water covers it, but not so far below the surface of the water that the majority of the pump’s energy is consumed with the task of getting the water to the surface, leaving little for projecting the water above the surface.
  • Lastly, we will orient the wire for the electrical cord toward the back of the fountain or camouflage it with decorative elements and connect it to a properly grounded power source.
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