Commercial Well Drilling

Are you looking to get a water well drilled? Dick Joyce Well Drilling Inc. is a well drilling company that offers both installation and servicing of residential water wells and commercial water wells for many different uses including water for domestic, agricultural, industrial, irrigation, public supply, geothermal, environmental investigations, and aquifer performance tests.

The advantages of a water well are numerous: It relieves you from the burden of having to pay water bills, since owning a private water well means you are not liable to pay municipal usage fees. Moreover, water that is obtained from a well is healthy, as unlike public water, it is naturally filtered instead of being treated with chlorine and other chemicals. Well water even tastes better than public water. To top it off, well water is friendly to the environment; when chemically treated public water is disposed, it further damages anything it touches. Florida has been popular for its clear, sandy-bottomed rivers, streams, lakes, springs, bays and beaches, but thanks to harmful waste substances like plastic, it is facing the environmental and economic crisis of water pollution.

The infamous bottled water comes packaged in plastic, which has been causing continuous harm to the environment; a good way to contribute to the environment would be to quit plastic and opt for more natural options.

We have various sized drilling rigs to accommodate a variety of access issues. Part of our drilling process includes removing cuttings from the borehole we drill during well construction. To contain and dispose of the cuttings, two pits beside the drilling rig are dug. These pits may vary in size depending on the well size and depth. Drilling fluid is circulated through the pits where the cuttings settle out and the drilling fluid is reused. However, if you do not want us to dig pits in your yard, there is an alternate solution: Portable above grade pits can be used instead of having to dig the pits.

If you are worried about your well going dry, understand that wells that go dry are generally shallow/surficial wells that are less than 50 feet deep. Such wells are dependent on rain for their water tables to be replenished. We drill deeper wells that penetrate a confined aquifer, which means that the well we dig for you will not directly depend on rain. Yes, the water level is subject to rising and falling, but they will not go completely dry.

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