Tap water contains many microbes that can be harmful to humans. It is not safe for drinking unless it gets clean. The easiest and quickest way to clean tap water is through chlorination. The act of adding chlorine in the water is called water chlorination. It kills microbes and harmful bacteria living in the water and makes water safe for consumption. The harmful organisms in the water can cause many diseases like typhoid, dysentery, and cholera. Children get affected by the waterborne diseases more often. Chlorination helps to prevent the spread of such diseases.

Chlorine not only cleans the drinking water but is also used to disinfect pool water. Pool water can accumulate particles and unpleasant odors that make it unsafe for use. Adding chlorine in the pool water will remove the odors and make it safe. Dick Joyce Well Drilling offers chlorination services for both pool sanitation and drinking water cleaning. The process of chlorination is performed under the supervision of our qualified professionals. The chlorination experts at Dick Joyce Well Drilling know that only a limited amount of chlorine should be used in the procedure or it can be harmful to not only the microbes but also to humans and aquatic organisms.

While in the water, chlorine reacts with other substances to make by-products, but too many of these by-products can make the water infectious. Although the tap water has the right amount of chlorine, the wastewater from industries contains an unsafe amount of chlorine. To combat this problem, the process of de-chlorination is used. Wastewater from industries is dechlorinated before it can be discharged into the environment. The method of de-chlorination is conducted by introducing a dechlorinator in the water. A dechlorinator is a chemical substance that removes chlorine from the water and makes it safe. Tap water, although safe for consumption by humans, cannot be used in aquariums because the chlorine in the water can be harmful to the aquatic life. Hence, de-chlorination of the tap water is necessary before putting it into an aquarium.

Dick Joyce Well Drilling offers chlorination and de-chlorination services to commercial and residential clients in Florida. Whether you want to disinfect your pool, want your drinking water cleaned, or need your tap water dechlorinated, contact Dick Joyce Well Drilling today and our professionals will get in touch with you quickly.

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