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Are you looking to drill residential water well? Although the water services provided by the municipality might be good, there may be occasions when repairs are performed on the pipes and your city’s water is cut.

Many homeowners often opt for residential water well drilling to ensure they have access to water regardless of what happens to public utility services. Many municipalities don’t offer great services hence the water supply is affected.

Mother Nature provides us with rainwater when she decides; however, the water in the ground is always present for our use. All you have to do is access it by drilling or digging a well on your own property. Unconfined or shallow wells or deep confined wells should be constructed, mainly depending on the depth needed to reach the groundwater. This will usually supply you with sufficient water for your family’s needs.

When you have your personal wellspring of water, you do not have to stress or worry in the event that your municipality has to change or repair channels. Here are some other key advantages of having water well as opposed to using city water.

Financial Benefits

You can considerably cut down your water bills if you have access to your own water supply through the water well. In addition to lowering your utility bills, there are many national, city as well as federal tax credits that are available to help lower the cost of installation.

This is a major financial advantage as you can enjoy a free supply of water in your own yard from your own well. Saving cash by eliminating a recurring water bill and the need to go to the store to purchase water would ease a lot of the financial stress in your life.

Also, having an unlimited and reliable supply of water for showers, laundry, meal preparation, at your beck and call, will be a bonus for any family. After the initial digging and installation of your water well, the water that you pump from the ground and into the home is free. There are no monthly bills, no hidden charges, no municipal fees, and no rising costs.

Tax Savings

In many places, you could even benefit from a federal or state tax credit to have a water well installed on the property for ongoing savings. This is why this decision must be considered as a long-term investment. By installing a well you will not only add convenience to your life but also increase the value of your house when efficient and viable water well is added.

Well Water is Healthier

Tap water that is obtained from community sources is usually laced with various unseen contaminants that are not good for your health. In fact, they could be very dangerous. They can cause grave problems, especially when consumed on a daily basis. Although chlorine is often added to city water, not all bacteria or viruses are eliminated using this method, and hence they could still pose a serious threat to your health.

Many people tend to assume that well water is not filtered to the same strict standards as city water; however, in reality, the opposite is true. Note that well water is naturally filtered, and provides the various health benefits of water without elements such as fluoride, chlorine, and other chemicals which are usually found in city water.

And, although this might be an issue of personal taste or preference, a majority of people will agree that well water tastes much better and is also more refreshing because it is all natural. So it is very smart to supply your own household water using a private well which you can monitor annually for purity. You can filter well water without the need for chemicals such as chlorine.

Well Water is Reliable

Another benefit of having a well is that it could be drilled easily into the water table anywhere the equipment can fit. It means your water well could be close to your property or home as opposed to city water that has to travel several miles just to reach your faucet.

It is worth mentioning that not only does traveling so far costs a lot of money, it also heavily relies on your city’s infrastructure. On the other hand, with well water, you will not need to worry about pesky interruptions in supply service that are not in your control, like a burst water main across town. With a well, your water, and your access to it belongs just to you.

Environmental Perspective

This is another advantage of having water well.  Filtration plants in many municipal water treatment centers often use harmful chemical processes that aren’t good for you or your environment. As this process requires the frequent elimination of solid matter as well as chemicals added to clean the water.

In addition, trace particles of a detrimental nature, are usually still found in the drinking water. On the other hand, natural filtration processes used by the water well system in which the water is carefully filtered through slate, earth, and even rock, are much easier on our land from which the water comes.

Also, when you switch to a well, you will help your house move a bit closer to going green. It’s costly to deliver water to your home from the local water supply. So, by lowering your city’s water consumption you will help reduce the energy it requires to deliver water to your home.


The above benefits indicate that having water well is financially and environmentally better. Well, water is also healthier. So, get a deepwater well drilled to ensure your family has a reliable source of fresh and clean water.

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